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GeoResources Risk Solutions Inc. offers unique knowledge and understanding derived from the over 65 years of successful risk management, insurance, legal and executive management experience gained by its two principals with large and mid-cap companies operating in the Canadian and International mining and natural resource sectors.  We understand these sectors and all aspects of the mining and natural resource business, from the risk management and insurance perspective at all stages of operations: from exploration through project development; construction to production and expansion, and eventual closure.
The two principals of our firm are Joseph M. MacDonald and Stuart F. Feiner.
Joseph M. MacDonald (BA, FCIP, CRM), a senior level Risk Manager and Insurance Professional, who, in addition to 10 years of property and casualty insurance underwriting experience, has over 23 years of risk and insurance experience and accomplishments in the mining and natural resource industries, having worked for Syncrude, BP Canada, Sherritt International, Vale (formerly Inco) and Dundee Precious Metals – companies with both Canadian and International  operations in a variety of jurisdictions, such as the Caribbean area, U.S., Indonesia, Australia, New Caledonia, Europe, Japan, China, and Africa. Mr. MacDonald’s focus and success is on identifying and assessing enterprise-wide exposures, strategically executing effective and cost efficient risk management programs, and utilizing balanced risk retention and risk transfer to meet corporate priorities.  With an extensive network in the risk management and insurance communities, Mr. MacDonald is a highly skilled negotiator with a proven track record of obtaining and maintaining effective and cost efficient risk financing programs in the international insurance markets.
Stuart F. Feiner (BS, MBA, JD), served for over 30 years in a number of legal and senior executive positions with Inco Limited, one of the leading publicly traded international diversified metals and mining companies—Inco, one of the original Dow Jones 30 Industrial companies, was acquired in late 2006 by Vale, the largest producer of iron ore in the world and itself an increasingly diversified mining company based in Brazil. Prior to his retirement from Inco in August 2006, Mr. Feiner served as Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of Inco for nearly 14 years. Mr. Feiner had direct responsibility or management oversight for a number of acquisitions in the mining industry while at Inco and had a number of corporate functions reporting to him, including environment, health and safety and public and governmental affairs.  Since his retirement from Inco, Mr. Feiner has been a consultant in the mining industry, working on projects in a number of countries and also representing first nations in Canada in their negotiations on impact and benefit and other agreements with mining companies seeking to develop projects on first nations’ territories.

GeoResources Solutions Risk Inc.
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