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GeoResources Solutions Inc.
  Key Services
  Risk Assessment and Mitigation
1. Risk Assessment;
2. Risk Mitigation;
3. Due Diligence especially regarding M&A activities;
4. Incident Investigation and Reporting;
5. Developing a Risk Management Culture;
6. Governance and Reporting;
7. Project specific risk management support;
8. Contract reviews regarding risk management and insurance;
9. Specific requests tailored to our client’s needs.
  Risk Financing
1. Risk retention and transfer;
2. Insurance coverage and efficiency analysis;
3. Preparation of submissions and/or applications;
4. Develop annual renewal strategy; insurance program placement;
5. Verify and track risk financing cost payments;
6. Insurance Program management and administration;
7. Investigate loss events and manage claim settlements;
8. Project specific risk financing programs;
9. Specific requests tailored to our client’s needs.

GeoResources Risk Solutions Inc. does not act as an insurance agent or broker and does not sell insurance.”

GeoResources Solutions Risk Inc.
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