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Inco Limited Given my career at Inco I worked closely with Stuart Feiner and Joe MacDonald and very much valued the significant contributions they made during their time at Inco and Vale. Joe brought a breadth of experience to the position of head of insurance and risk management. I have had the opportunity of working with a number of small and mid-cap mining companies over the past few years and clearly recognize the value of the outsourced  services that GeoResources can provide to these and a range of other companies who do not have full-time dedicated risk managers in-house.” 

Scott Hand - Current Executive Chairman of the Board of Royal Nickel Corporation; Past Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Inco Limited


Sherritt International Corporation “During my time at Sherritt, including while President and CEO, I worked closely with Joe MacDonald in his capacity as risk manager and very much valued the significant contributions he made during his tenure with the company. Joe brought a breadth of knowledge and experiences to the risk manager position, adding value and contributing to Sherritt’s ability to achieve its objectives and grow as a company. I am fully confident of the value that GeoResources Risk Solutions will provide to their clients.” 

Dennis Maschmeyer - President and CEO (Retired) Sherritt International Corporation


GlobeStar Mining Corporation I have been in the global mining and metals business for over 25 years, both with large cap and smaller cap companies. While I was CFO of a smaller cap mining company, GlobeStar Mining, developing a copper-gold-silver project in the Dominican Republic I saw firsthand the real benefits of utilizing the services of the principals of GeoResources. I had worked with Stuart Feiner while he served on the board of GlobeStar and with Stuart’s input I retained Joe MacDonald to undertake a comprehensive review of our insurance program. Joe’s analysis and recommendations were invaluable to us as we sought to put in place the most cost-effective risk management program. There was no question that the benefits of taking advantage of the outsourced services GeoResources can provide enabled us to reduce our insurance premiums and put in place the best possible risk management program to address all of the key risks we needed to consider with our project in the Dominican Republic. There is no question that I would bring in GeoResources to provide the services it offers as I get involved in future mining projects around the globe.”

Dave Massola - Current President and CEO Continental Nickel Limited; Past Senior Vice President Finance and CFO of GlobeStar Mining Corporation


Global Risk Consultants Inc.  “As a risk engineer consultant I have worked closely with Joe MacDonald on a number of mining and metal processing projects. Through his ability to understand the technical aspects of these processes and operations, I found that Joe added value in the identification and assessment of risks and hazards as well as alternative risk treatment measures to employ. Joe brings a breadth of risk management knowledge and experience to GeoResources Risk Solutions Inc. I have had the opportunity of working with a number of small and mid-cap companies over the past few years and believe that the outsourced services that GeoResources can provide would be of significant value to such companies who do not have full-time dedicated risk managers in-house.”

Michael J Sheen - Canadian Operations District Manager, Global Risk Consultants (Canada) Inc.


AON Benfield   “I have known and worked with Joe MacDonald since 2004 when he became Director, Risk Management for Inco Limited. During that time we worked closely together on captive insurance programs (property and marine) and Joe demonstrated consummate knowledge of all aspects of the risk management process, particularly risk assessment and risk financing. He also has extensive knowledge of and relationships with the insurance and reinsurance markets. In his position with GeoResources Risk Solutions Inc. he is well able to provide thoughtful, valuable and insightful analysis to small and mid-tier companies within the mining and natural resources industry sector.”

Peter V. LeResche - Director, Aon Benfield


Ark Syndicate Management Limited (Lloyd’s of London)  “Joe MacDonald represented all that is good in a Risk Manager, whether that be in the controlling of the risks arising out of the operation of mid-cap and large multinational mining and natural resource companies or in negotiation with underwriters. Joe had an ability to view any proposition from all sides and whilst this made negotiations hard they were enjoyable. Those who assumed risk managed by Joe would never be short of information and Joe could explain the most complex processes in simple terms, something underwriters appreciate. All of that and he is a thoroughly nice bloke and rounded individual. I believe that Joe in his role with GeoResources Risk Solutions Inc. will provide significant value to small to mid-cap mining and other natural resource companies who do not have full-time dedicated risk managers in-house.”

David Foreman - Group Director of Underwriting, Ark Syndicate Management Limited (Lloyd’s of London)

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